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One Thing 28/7/14 - Comic Strip Skirt

I decided that my One Thing To Do Today would be a quick blog about making my comic - newspaper strip skirt.

I'd seen the material back in early May in a local Leicester fabric shop, but didn't buy any. My head kept saying it would make a nice skirt, so I ended-up going back a  week later to buy some. Lesson - just buy the fabric when I see it (if I can afford it)!

I used this really simple tutorial on how to make an A Line skirt from The High Tea Cast - it just requires an existing skirt to use as cutting pattern, material, sewing machine and zip. I put my zip in a side seam rather than add another seam down the back, as I didn't want to break up the pattern on the material.

Comic strip skirt in progress
Skirt in progress - including sewing my first zip.

Selina's new skirt - made with her own fair hand!
The finished skirt - people kept trying to read it!

Alas, there isn't actually a story in the pattern, just random panels from different strips, but I'm really happy with how it looks.

I recognise one of the panels as being Modesty Blaise, but don't recognise any of the others. Let me know if you do....
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It looks fab! It actually looks like paper in the photos, which is disconcerting and awesome at the same time.