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Fish + Chocolate by Kate Brown


 Fish + Chocolate by Kate Brown.

A collection of three comic strips examining the relationship between Mothers and children, and what every parents fears.

Kate's art, as usual, is expressive with lovely page layouts and subtle colouring to suit each story.

The first story deals with the issue of a single Mother trying to protect her children with the edict of not talking to strangers, while not listening to what the children are trying to tell her about their own life. A good re-telling of an old tale.

The second skilfully deals with a Mother trying to balance her own artistic needs with those of looking after her daughter, and what can happen if the balance is wrong.

While the final tale is a haunting tale of loss and trying to deal with that loss.

Kate does a brilliant job of incorporating magical-realism and/or dream imagery into the tales. I think I'll need to read the stories several times to pick up on all the subtleties I may have missed first time round.
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