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Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate

Miss Wildthyme and Friends Investigate (Iris Wildthyme, #3)Miss Wildthyme and Friends Investigate by Stuart Douglas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A little yellow bottle of what seems to be perfume cause havoc across time and space in these lightly linked novellas.

*The Found World by Jim Smith
Featuring: Professor George Challenger (Explorer) and many others...

This story will appeal to classic literature fans who like a good crossover, as lots of familiar characters pop up all over the place. A well written, fun tale of intrigue involving undercover agents, Dracula and Scottish submarine bases.

* Elementary, My Dear Sheila by Cody Schell
Featuring: Señor 105 (Masked Wrestler)

Señor 105 stories tend to be mad and surreal and this one does not disappoint. It starts out as a gathering of 105's loose allies for a mysterious purposes, then morphs into a murder mystery and finally into a surreal journey to the centre of the earth type adventure.

* The Irredeemable Love by Nick Wallace
Featuring: The Manleigh Halt Irregulars (Detectives)

Probably the darkest of the tales on offer. The Manleigh Halt Irregulars (police officers/detectives whose police station is lost in time and erratically lands in different eras) find themselves looking into the death of a young boy at a country estate. It soon becomes obvious that a dark force has invaded the house and each of the Irregulars find themselves in precarious positions.

* The Shape of Things by Stuart Douglas
Featuring: Miss Iris Wildthyme and Panda (Forces of Nature)

Iris and Panda find themselves investigating several different cases, especially after Panda accidentally enlarges himself, including his brains and becomes a whizz at solving mysteries. All the while they have a a little perfume bottle in their possession which could cause them far more serious problems than Panda's increasing size. Also a few cameos from other famous detectives.

I did enjoy all the stories, but I think my reading of the collection was spoiled by trying to read it in short snatches on the bus. Several of the stories jump around in time/place or character perspective, which was not conducive to following/remembering some of the intricate plotting.

I think each novella would read much better if read in one or two sittings, and I would certainly recommend to any Iris/105/literary mash-up/Obverse Book fans out there.

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