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UnBound Hauntings Event

Late Sunday afternoon Jay & I headed over to The Staff of Life pub in Mowsley, Leicestershire (which turned out to be about 15mins away from us) for the UnBound Video Editions Blog event: Hauntings.

We went to their previous event Zombies, which included interviews with authors of zombie novels and filming a mini zombie apocalypse. You can see the finished Zombies video, which includes a cameo from Jay.

Hauntings, as you may have guessed, involved authors reading brand new ghost stories, discussing the genre and a possible ghostly invasion.

Interesting pub ceiling

  The ceiling when you enter the pub  

Ian Whates created a convincing faux factual account of several strange incidents occurring at an inn, all centred around a haunting piece of music.

Mark West read Fog on the Old Coast Road about a man and his young son, a beach, looming figures in the fog and an isolated stretch of road.

Mark West Reading
Mark reading his story.

Marie O'Regan treated us to a tale wound around a creepy child's crib.

Marie O'Reagan Reading
Marie reading her story.

Paul Kane bought the genre bang up to date with some ghostly social networking.

Amanda Hemmingway rounded off the story telling with a dramatic rendition of a tale involving terrifying taxidermy.

The audience were quiet and spellbound throughout. While the candles, fire and ambience of the pub worked nicely to enhance the event. Though I think the mouth watering menu on the wall left some wishing the pub served food on a Sunday evening. Certainly the freshly baked bread and olives provided were very tasty.

The round table discussion of the authors' beliefs in the supernatural, their experiences of it, their favourite authors, novels, short stories and films was very interesting and amusing.

I was also pressed into service to do a bit of acting as Dr Ruth Evans, parapsychologist for the story that will wrap around the event. All the stories, discussion and acting will be seen on the UnBound blog once it is all edited together. It should certainly be amusing to see the finished video!

Congratulations to all the authors for their readings and I look forward to buying the NewCon Press anthology they will appear in. Well done to Adele, Vincent, Kat & the rest of the UnBound team for organising and filming the event.

Apologies for some blurred photos, I was trying to make do without the flash and obviously my hands were shaking from the ghostly stories...
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