lady grace

Films and more films

I've been a bit lax in updating my fiftyfiftyme film  watching. So, here's films 9-15, including The Woman in Black and John Carter.

I enjoyed this. Thought it was quite spooky and had some good "making you jump" moments. Most of what I liked about it was the same as what I liked about the Nigel Kneale version: good story, creepy atmosphere etc. This obviously had a much better budget, so some lovely sweeping shots and I liked the opening sequence with the three little girls. I think the TV movie version used sound effects much more effectively though. Wasn't too keen on the very ending of the film. I've now started reading the book so that I can see which elements of the two films came from there.

I enjoyed this as a fun, action, pulp adventure film. It had some impressive backgrounds and interesting designs for the ships/cities/alien tech. Actors all did a good job, especially those voicing the aliens: William Dafoe as Tars Tarkas and Samantha Morton as Sola, as they had some of the funniest lines. I would say that it should appeal to people who enjoy Flash Gordon (without being so camp) and I think the reviews I've heard in the press have been a bit harsh. It's good fun. I'm certainly interested in reading the book/s now.

I found this pretty amusing. Bizarrely some of the antics I found annoying and selfish in grown men in The Hangover 2, I can forgive when it's larger than life British teenage boys?! Partly because it reflects the self-absorption many of us would have suffered from as teenagers (without realising it). One bit did actually make me feel physically sick though, which is quite a task!

1990 horror film from Clive Barker, based on his novella Cabal. Some of the ideas and themes in this are really good e.g. whether the nightbreed or humans are the real monsters. Thought some of the make-up was fantastic and the design work in the film interesting. But it just doesn't work overall, possibly a bit underdeveloped in places and some of the acting isn't brilliant.

An FBI agent and terrorist swap faces and much bizarreness ensues. Another mad, mad Nicolas Cage movie. Enjoyed this for the mad plot, John Woo action sequences and the fact that (surprisingly) not everyone dies at the end.

Brilliant acting and gorgeously shot. I didn't realise that it was based on a John le Carré novels or a real case, but it doesn't surprise me. It's a very good, moving film. Though I think it couldn't quite make up it's mind whether it was a conspiracy thriller or a humanitarian expose.