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Paperback of The Girly Comic Book Vol.1

As the deluxe, limited, hardback version of The Girly Comic Book Vol.1 sold out a while ago and we decided it was about time we published a paperback edition.

March 2012 025

You know we published this lovely hardback book...Well, you can't have it. The store done sold right outta that puppy!

March 2012 026

Jay models the new paperback The Girly Comic Book Vol.1.... New! Thinner! Shinier! Cheaper! (And that's just Jay...)

Once we have checked through this proof copy then we will make the paperback version available to buy via Lulu.

Girly & Girly

The Girly Comic Book Vol.1. Background = sold out, limited ed hardback. Foreground = new paperback version.Cover by Des Taylor.

As with the hardback, contributors will be able to buy copies at cost, we just have to work out how to organise that.

Girly & Girly 2

We are hoping to have a few copies with us at the Alt Fiction Festival, and we will certainly be bringing copies along to Caption.

Thanks to Jay for all the production work on getting the book ready to publish via Lulu.

We are also working on The Girly Comic Book Vol.2, which will collect together the cream of issues 10-21 of The Girly Comic, plus some extras from the website and The Knicker Draw. We will be contacting creators asking for new biogs soon.
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