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Magic Number 6

Magic Number 6 -Programme Cover

Last night Jay and I were invited to the Edinburgh preview dress rehearsal of the play Magic Number 6, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Magic Number 6 - Patrick McGoohan
Ron Leeson as Patrick McGoohan

Magic Number 6 explores the behind the scenes relationship between star Patrick McGoohan and head of ATV television Lew Grade during the making of 'The Prisoner'. The play demonstrates McGoohan's slide into obsession and his desire to control every aspect of 'The Prisoner'.

Magic Number 6 - Lew Grade
Colin Woods as Lew Grade

Rob Leeson, sensibly, steers clear of trying to do an impression of McGoohan in the play and instead concentrates on the intense leading man aspect of his personality. While Colin Woods as Lew Grade provides some lovely comedic moments and a fun running gag involving Roger Moore. The awe McGoohan was held in at the time is demonstrated by the star struck Miss Cartwright (Grade's fictional secretary). Overall, an interesting and entertaining insight into the figures behind the cult TV show.

Magic Number 6 - Patrick McGoohan & Miss Cartwright
Rob Leeson as Patrick McGoohan and Tracey Gee as Miss Cartwright

Recommended for fans of 60s TV and can be seen at the Edinburgh Fringe between 19-24th August.

Magic Number 6 -  writer Paul Gosling
Magic Number 6 playwright Paul Gosling
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