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One Thing 29/7/14 - Blackberries

My One Thing To Do Today ended-up being to pick blackberries, as Jay attacked the garden at the weekend and revealed a load of brambles with ripe fruit.

The upside to an overgrown garden... what shall I make?

Now I just have to find an easy recipe to use them in. Suggestions welcome. I already made a mixed berry crumble on Sunday.

And this is what I was doing at work this morning... I do spend a lot of time teaching & supporting bibliographic software...
So a box of these arrived on my desk this morning #endnote

I'm also conserving energy to go out for ice-cream with colleagues later.
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Dem blackberries look nice and plump! With the hot weather all the ones I've seen are all hard and small.

If all else fails divide them into little pots and freeze them, it's what I did with a load of blackberries from my mum. They'll be a bit squishy on defrosting but that's ideal for pouring into plain yogurt, or over cakes or ice cream to make a compote-type sauce. I was taking the pots to work to eat with a spoon as a snack.
The ones I've seen this year have been big and juicy! Tho perhaps I should say the early-ripening ones have looked lovely and juicy already, and there's loads of unripe ones coming up for later in the year too.