October 26th, 2014

lady grace

A few things...

We were at The Lakes Comic Art Fest in Kendal last weekend, which I've blogged about over on the Factor Fiction site.

I'm cancelling this year's MCR, as I was struggling to organise it and my Asthma+ME have flared-up, leaving me struggling to get tot he day job, let alone fo anything else.

MCR options would be to try for a Spring 2015 one or A Winter 2015 (organised much further in advance!).

Jay & I will be at Thought Bubble if anyone wants to meet-up - let us know.

I'm doing a local nbook signing for To End All Wars at the University of Leicester bookshop at 3pm on 2nd Dec.

Trying to decide what to do for my 40th birthday in February (the original plan when we were planning Jay's 40th seven years ago was a trip to New York, but there be no money for that). Ideas so far:

  • Weekend away in nice hotel to be pampered - possibly Bath? Needs to be somewhere with something interesting to do in bad weather & not more than 3hrs drive from Leicester, location suggestions welcome...

  • Hire the local indie cinema 30 seater screen for an afternoon - would need to decide what film/s to show....

  • Afternoon tea party -as I like tea and cake but would probably be a lot of work for me!

  • Trip to Harry Potter studio tour thingy.

  • One or more of the above depending on costs.